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Hans Peter Luhn Business Intelligence Pioneer

Hans Peter Luhn was a computer scientist for IBM is considered to be the first pioneer of Business Intelligence

Hans Peter Luhn (July 1, 1896 – August 19, 1964) was a computer scientist for IBM, and creator of the Luhn algorithm and KWIC (Key Words In Context) indexing. He was awarded over 80 patents.  He is considered the first pioneer of Business Intelligence.

Luhn was born in Barmen, Germany (now part of Wuppertal) on July 1, 1896. He joined IBM as a senior research engineer in 1941, and soon became manager of the information retrieval research division.

Two of Luhn’s greatest achievements are the idea for an SDI system and the KWIC method of indexing. Today’s SDI systems owe a great deal to a 1958 paper by Luhn, “A Business Intelligence System”, which described an “automatic method to provide current awareness services to scientists and engineers” who needed help to cope with the rapid post-war growth of scientific and technical literature. Luhn apparently coined the term business intelligence in that paper.

Hans Peter Luhn defined business intelligence as follows:

The ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal


Download A Business Intelligence System (Author Hans Peter Luhn) – IBM Journal October 1958 using the link below

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PDF Download


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