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Business Intelligence Reports Business Support Services

Business Intelligence Reports Business Support Services

Strategic and Operational Business Intelligence Consultancy Services

As part of our service offering, we can provide an onsite consultation review to meet with your company management team and to understand what the current challenges are withinthe business that need to be overcome in order to meet your strategic business objectives. We will then provide a summary report of our findings with recommendations.

If we feel we can add value to your business we will also include a proposal of the business support services that we can offer. Subject to acceptance, we will then agree a future business development plan with your team and start working on adding value to your business. Finally we will review the plan on an on-going basis with your business team.

Our B.I. Skills and Business Intelligence Experience

Our highly experienced team has over 30 years combined commercial experience working in I.T. and Manufacturing businesses. We can provide a wide range of strategic and operational business services across a range of disciplines including:

Strategic Planning
Sales & Marketing
Business Process
Strategic Planning at B.I. Reports
Sales & Marketing at B.I. Reports
Business Process Management at B.I. Reports
We can provide senior level consultancy services to help with strategic planning of business objectives and developing plans for driving sustainable business growth.
We have considerable experience in commercial sales and marketing helping to deliver successful sales performance and effective sales marketing campaigns
Business performance is only as good as the business processes which are in place. The key to this is the defining of roles, responsibilities and accountability within the team
MRP & ERP Systems
Project Management
B.I. Report Development
MRP and ERP Software Systems at B.I. Reports
B.I. Project Management Services from Business Intelligence Reports
Business Intelligence Report Development by B.I. Developers
We have end to end knowledge of different types of manufacturing businesses including complex engineered to order businesses with £10Million+ turnovers.
Business Intelligence Reports have Prince 2 accredited project managers who can work with a management team to deliver a project plan on time and on budget
Our Business Intelligence development team can extend the reporting capabilities of your existing software system providing an alternative option to costly system replacement




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