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Our Business Intelligence Consultancy Team of BI Consultants and BI Developers

Our Business Intelligence Consultancy Team of BI Consultants


More often than not, the data a business needs to analyse in order to provide valuable insight is stored somewhere on one or more computer systems. The link that is usually missing is in the ability to pull the data from all of these different sources into a centralised repository which can be easily accessed by the team. Working with multiple data sources both offline and online is something we have extensive experience in. Once a company unlocks this data barrier, the efficiency performance gains which can be achieved are considerable.


The Team @ Business Intelligence Reports have a combined experience of over 30 years working in technology and manufacturing sectors. Our core business strengths include:

Commercial Awareness
Customer Focused
Technical Capability
Commercial Awareness at Business Intelligence Reports
Customer Focussed at Business Intelligence Reports
Technical Capability at Business Intelligence Reports
B.I. Reports have considerable commercial experience built up from working in a range of businesses that has provided our team with invaluable commercial awareness.
We work closely with all of our clients to ensure we are adding value at every step of the journey ensuring our clients benefit directly from the work we do and keeping their business moving forward.
One of the main differentiators that B.I. Reports has is that we have extensive technical knowledge of a wide range of business networking technologies and complex computer software systems.
Performance Driven
Innovative Solutions
Desire To Be The Best
Performance Driven at Business Intelligence Reports
Innovative Solutions at Business Intelligence Reports
Desire To Be The Best at Business Intelligence Reports
With all of our customers we look at how we can measure performance to demonstrate the value which we have added to the business through the work carried out.
Our passion for technology coupled with our strong commercial awareness allows us to come up with innovative solutions to problems that are not available off the shelf.
The fundamental idea behind B.I. Reports is to help our clients be successful by understanding their needs and working closely with them. Over time we will also benefit from this success.



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